Basic fighter for experienced pilots

Data/Info: Edit

The Dart-SS20 is a basic fighter for experienced pilots,is the British and the upgraded version of the German Dart-NN05. Edit

The Dart-SS20 is the principal/most Powerful plane in the city of Aberdeen, having good stats, is a Powerful Well-Rounded plane, capable of outrunning most of the Axis Arsenal, equiped with 20 SuperSpeed powerups and 1 Heal powerup. Edit

Its a shoot and run plane, so the basically strategy to this plane is to get in the back of his enemies and shoot, thanks to it 4/5 weaponds stat it destroy most of the Axis planes, after destroying It objetives, quickly use a SuperSpeed to boost your engines and quickly escape, then repeat the strategy.

It most powerful stat is the Speed having 5/5, Being the most faster basic experience plane, but it mayor drawback Its it Agility, althought Its not very mediocre, the plane cannot turn too many,forcing the player to do a medium turn/ spin and for consecuence, Being a easy prey for Faster Axis planes, even with SuperSpeed powerups.

A squadron of Darts-SS20 good managed can be very letaly, the max Speed combined with a high damage guns stat ables the squadron to get down many planes ( especially Otto NN10s) in few shoots.

In conclusion, The Dart-SS20 is a powerfull plane, although it is not invincible, obviously, it is a great plane for the moderate and profesional player. It's correct use can drive the player to a high number of waves.


Weapons: 4/5

Speed: 5/5

Agility: 3.5/5

Armor: 4/5


• Heal x1

• SuperSpeed x20


$10.000 copper

Unlocks at: Aberdeen

Playable: Yes

Miscellaneous Edit

The dart unlocks at Aberdeen, the first city that the player unlocks. The dart is also the plane used in the tutorial, making it the first plane that the player operates.

Up to two darts can be recruited to backup your dart(s) in Aberdeen, if no other planes have been recruited. Therefore, the player can play with up to three darts on any Aberdeen level, and up to four on select Aberdeen missions (when the player is automatically given two darts to begin with).